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School Kids


What sets us apart?

We are a community based non-profit organization with a holistic approach to teaching and learning (teaching the mind, heart, and body) with an emphasis on S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Math).  We provide stellar academic tutoring, innovative technology classes and educational consulting.

Award winner

We have an award-winning robotics coach on staff that is highly skilled and very creative! We have a academically and professionally diversed staff. 


We provide technology integrated educational services for K-12 students who have a desire to discover the world through technology. We are endeavoring to expose them to technology as it relates to 21st century living and education in order to develop a multi-skilled workforce.  Our Institute will provide the following curriculum and services.


​Learn the in's and out's of Microsoft Office.  Spice up your lesson plans and infuse technology into the curriculum.  Learn to code, use social media to promote your business. create an APP for your business and more.

Are you a parent? 

  • Want to learn how to build a robot? 

  • Want to know how to use social media?

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